Technical writing solutions

Adopt a technical writer from us

Assistika assigns one writer or an entire team to work with you on your project.

You keep them for as long as you need their help with documenting your product or processes.

Your extended tech writing team

Sometimes you don't want to be stuck with a technical writer forever.

For project-based technical writers staffing, partner with Assistika.

We can help you meet changing project demands without the cost and liabilities of additional full-time employees.

On-site or online

Full-time or part-time technical writers, on your premises or online.

All projects are supervised by senior Assistika staff.

Contract vs. hired technical writers

Contract staffing provides flexibility and scalability to grow your business.

Here are a few more reasons why contract staffing a technical writer for your team is a great idea.

  • handle rapid project growth or expansion
  • reduce training costs
  • keeps the focus on your core business
  • expert competencies and specialized skills
  • project-based or seasonal needs