Technical writing solutions

Editing and reviewing

Is your message clear enough for your customers?

We rewrite and reorganize content to make information easier to read and understand.

Clear Language standard

The Clear Language Mark is Assistika's seal of approval for the clarity of a document or website.

After editing, we send you your upgraded content with an individually numbered Clear Language approval mark.

This will show the world that you are commited to get your message across to your audience.

You can add this Clear Language Mark on your website or documents.

Show your commitment to clear communication

If your organization is making an effort to communicate your message clearly, why not tell people?

After reviewing your documents, Assistika can add the Clear Language Mark on each website and printed document

that meets internationally accepted plain language standards.

This means that your public can understand and act on your message after just one reading.

The Clear Language Mark gives independent proof that your content meets a high standard of clarity.

How to get the Clear Language Mark

If your document or website is up to our standards, we will send you our Clear Language approval.

You can use the Clear Language logo on your website or documents to show the world

that you are committed to get your message across to your audience.

If your document is not clear enough, we will send you an estimate of the cost of any necessary editing.

We can also send you a free sample edit to help you start the process.

Once you have accepted our editing estimate, we will edit your document so that it meets Clear Language

standard and send you your individually numbered CLEAR LANGUAGE MARK to use on the document or website.

What changes do we make?

Send us your document or website for review and we'll do our magic to:

  • make information easy to read, find and understand
  • ensure consistent style and tonality
  • increase usability and navigation
  • improve design and layout
  • apply Clear Language Mark of approval

Basically, we reword and reorganize your content to make sure your audience can:

  • find the information they need
  • understand the information they find
  • use the information they find to act on what they need

Assistika writing techniques

We've got some Assitika technical writing techniques down our sleeve. And we master them very well.

Here are some of our writing secrets:

  • logical organization of content with your audience in mind
  • easy-to-navigate design features
  • signposting and whitespace
  • active voice
  • short sentences
  • plain language and common words